Angry Bee

This is our first serious attempt on physics games. Basically, we wanted to create an aiming game because that was a clear and feasible concept to start from. Once we got the “cannon” working, we realized how interesting the performance of hexagonal cells was. It could just have been a simple skill game, but with some tweaks here and there, we came to a nice mixture of skill and puzzle game. Some of the levels are really tricky. I dare you to beat them all!

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Curiosities: the main character of this game is actually a wasp, not a bee. Maybe someday there’ll be a prequel which tells us about the whole story behind him. […] If there’s a “Bloons 17 Hanukkah Edition Director’s cut”, there should be room for the rest of us!
Curiosities 2: This is our first games that has a video review! (Only for german speakers).

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