Alien Kindergarten (HTML5 game)

Finally and thanks to Ravalmatic, your secret fantasy of being becoming an alien single mom is virtually at stake. Hatch the eggs, place them carefully and give them your sweet caring love… after all they are your passport to expand your hive all though the galaxy.

We are selling non exclusive licenses, so if you are interested in acquiring this cute weird little game just send us a message.

You can play it HERE.

We’re eggstatic with our new HTML5 game!

Alien Kindergarten teaser
At the moment we are hatching these precious purple eggs at the studio. Having tea while sitting on an egg is a mind widening and pleasant experience for us. Also, the luminiscent green ooze gives us a very optimistic feeling about the creatures brewing inside. But I must admit there’s a bad point in all this situation: having someone else’s sticky slime in the crotch… (¬ -¬)”
More news soon!


Angry Bee

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Curiosities: the main character of this game is actually a wasp, not a bee. Maybe someday there’ll be a prequel which tells us about wholesale nfl jerseys the whole story behind him. […] If there’s a “Bloons 17 Hanukkah Edition Director’s cut”, there should be room for the rest of us!
Curiosities 2: This is our first games that has a video review! (Only for german to speakers).

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