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Here below you can check our nine HTML5 games available for non exclusive licensing. These games can run smoothly in your browser, no matter if you are playing on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Besides working as browser games, our HTML5 games can be wrapped as APK’s, which means they can also be uploaded to Google Play, Appstore and Amazon Marketplace. Just drop us a line and send us your API. We’ll be able to load your ads and apply your branding in no time!

Football games

Buy HTML5 games - Foot Chinko

Basketball games

Buy HTML5 games - Basket Champs

Foot Chinko earned the title of Best HTML5 game of 2014 according to number of plays and player score. Players can get hooked to Foot Chinko for hours and hours across its more than 90 levels.

Basket Champs is our latest sports game where players will test their aiming skills. A funny take on basketball tournaments that creates thrilling and epic moments.

RPG Combat Games

Magikmon HTML5 action combat RPG

Pool Games

Mafia Billiard Tricks - HTML5 game

Magikmon: capture and train the magical beings known as Magikmon. Explore a vast map, untangle the story of Ogdoad’s Magic School in this “Pokemon meets Harry Potter” astounding game.

Mafia Billiard Tricks: capture and train the magical beings known as Magikmon. Explore a vast map, untangle the story of Ogdoad’s Magic School in this “Pokemon meets Harry Potter” astounding game.

Sports games

Cricket Hero Licensable HTML5 game

Strategy games

Battleships Armada HTML5 game

Cricket Hero: don’t miss any ball, but keep your head cool. You don’t want to rush yourself and hit those pesky eggs and bombs. You heard right. Cricket can be strange sometimes. Test your reflexes in this frantic game for cricket lovers.

Battleships Armada: let the missiles rain over your enemy’s fleet. Choose carefully where to drop the bombs or your rival will make profit of your sloppiness. Everybody knows this old time classic of the turn-based board games.

Board games

chess challenges for clever minds - chess puzzles html5 game

Children games

Animal Connection Licensable HTML5 game

Chess Challenges: after Junior Chess, our first chess game, this one offers the players a set of puzzles of different difficulty. Solve each puzzle in 1, 2 or 3 movements and defeat the despiteful Red King Rupert.

Animal Connection: play along the children and guide them through this memory game. Children will train their attention span and memory while being introduced to exotic animals.

Solitaire games

Buy HTML5 games - Refuge Solitaire

Solitaire games

Buy HTML5 games - Algerian Solitaire

Refuge Solitaire: a relaxing experience that makes players dive into a flow state. The game features a demanding two-deck variant of the classic Solitaire game. Enjoy your stay at our cabin in the mountains.

The legendary Algerian Solitaire can mesmerize the players for hours. Its twisted mechanics featuring two decks are a challenge even for the most experienced players.

Board Games

Buy HTML5 games - Junior Chess

Timewaster (skills)

Buy HTML5 games - Bananamania

Let kids learn this old-time classic game with Junior Chess. There’s a plethora of valuable skills players can learn by playing this game, and these cute visuals will make the game more appealing for them. The game features several levels of difficulty, and a rule section where the young ones can see the actual moves for the different pieces.

Bananamania is a no-brainer game everyone can enjoy. Feeding the gorillas with bananas, tossing bombs at them, watching them dressed as pop culture icons it’s something you really gotta see!! But it also hides a deep soul-changing message for a few chosen ones. Let the gorillas enlighten your audience!

Puzzles (visual logic)

Buy HTML5 games - Alien Kindergarten


Buy HTML5 games - Happy Kittens Puzzle

Alien Kindergarten is a cute little puzzle game suitable for younger audiences. Kids love to play around with those oozing alien eggs, solve the puzzle and see how the funny alien babies emerge screaming.

Happy Kittens Puzzle is a simple puzzle game for the smaller audiences. There’s a bunch of salty kittens out in need of some love. Just pet them until you get a complete board of happy faces.

Slots (casino)

Buy HTML5 games - Pocahontas Slots

Pocahontas Slots is a gorgeous slots machine featuring Pocahonta’s and captain John Smith love story. Slot machines have never been this merry!