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35 games – Last update 1st JUNE

While it may look like Tetris, Templok is one of a kind. Drag the pieces on the grid and remove columns and rows. Build up your combos and get power-ups. This relaxing and strategic game can also become battleground thanks to the scoreboard feature.

Tags: Puzzle, Score-based

Score goal after goal on Football Kickoff, a 3D sports game where you’ll be able to improve your aiming skills. Compensate your trajectory to the wind strength and show the whole stadium how you can deal with both the stress and the elements.

Tags: Football, Sports, Score-based

Drag and combine precious gems at Merge Gems. Descend into the mine where the dwarves collect their ore, add up numbers one by one and reach number 30. Sounds simple? Those are the most addictive games, you know how this works.

Tags: Puzzle

Candy Fiesta can’t be more faithful to the promise of its title. Reach the maximum score by building up uncanny combo wombos. Customize your game to depend on time or moves. The scoreboard feature makes the game suitable for daily tournaments.

Tags: Match3, Score-based

Prepare yourself for a truly Endless Siege. While orcs have unlimited resources to raid your castle, you’ll have to deploy a smart layout of defenses. Each day there’ll be a different map and players will be able to show off their scores on the leaderboard.

Tags: Tower Defense, Strategy, Score-based

Tetra Blocks takes the classic puzzle game and adds some extra challenging spice and groovy colours to make an updated version suitable for online competition. Let your players compete in this old time classic.

Tags: Classic, Puzzle

Merge Cakes is one of those games where the User Experience is the main actor. Gorgeous graphics in addition to a gratifying game mechanic can hook players during days of play. Rewarded ads shine here at their best.

Tags: Merger, Idle game

Flappy Foot Chinko: Endless Bounce An off-spring of Flappy Footchinko that focuses exclusively on competitive platforms. If you love goofy sport games and you foster competition on your site, this is the right choice.

Tags: Football, Soccer, Hypercasual, Score-based

Tower Defense games in HTML5 are a scarce gem loved by tactical players. King Rügni Tower Defense has an optimized game engine that can bear hundreds of enemies on screen, so expect lots of action and casualties among your enemy lines.

Tags: Tower Defense, Adventure

Basket Champs is possibly the most charismatic casual basket game on the net. A thrilling international free shots competition against the best basketball teams.

Tags: Basketball, Score-based, Hypercasual

Pool Club challenges players to sink as many balls as possible in 90 seconds. Each sunken ball will add some seconds, and combos will add extra time, allowing the best players to show off their impressive scores.

Tags: Pool, Score-based

In Flappy Foot Chinko hypercasual game mechanics meet fast paced matches of soccer. Play international tournaments and improve your own records in Endless Mode.

Tags: Football, Soccer, Hypercasual

Foot Chinko is a unique football game with more than 90 levels. It features elements of pinballs, puzzle games, skill games, and refreshing touches of humor.

Tags: Football, Soccer, Casual

Go chicken go! Help the chicken cross the road and the river while dodging the cars. Beyond all those dangerous trucks awaits nothing but the eternal freedom*. *Disclaimer: the average chicken lifespan is 7.5 years.

Tags: Hypercasual, Score-based, Skills, Tap Sync

Maze Speedrun offers the players a sequence of randomly generated puzzles to be solved in a time trial. As the music gets more intense and the seconds vanish, will they keep focused to beat their rival’s highest score?

Tags: Puzzles, Visual skills, Score-based

Cricket Hero is an intense hyper casual game. Just get yourself prepared to bat those balls while dodging the bombs and the… wait a second… eggs!??

Tags: Hypercasual, Score-based, Cricket, Sports

Snakes and Ladders is a charming game based on the board game classic. The local multiplayer feature makes it specially enjoyable when the experience is shared between kids and their family or friends.

Tags: Board Games, Kids Games

Baccarat is similar to Black Jack. The main differences are: players try to get as close possible to 9 points and you can either bet on the bank, on the player or a tie result. That means you can also win by screwing it!

Tags: Cards, Casino, Score-based

Chess Challenges for Clever Minds is a casual approach to chess with check-mate problems. This puzzle structure makes it more appealing and engaging for younger audiences.

Tags: Board games, Puzzle, Chess

Since the melting of the polar ice-caps polar bears are having a rough time. Fortunately there’s Bertha, the waitress of Penguin Cafe, taking care of serving freshly cooked dinners.

Tags: Simulation Games, Time Management

Animal Connection takes some core mechanics of  the Mahjong games, and turns them into a more accessible and light puzzle game, just perfect for younger audiences.

Tags: Kids games, Puzzle

Capture, train and combat with your magical creatures in Magikmon. Fight your way to your Magic School and become the greatest magician. Just imagine Pokemon meets Harry Potter.

Tags: RPG combat, Tactics, Exploration

Battleships Armada is the HTML5 version of the board game classic. It’s neat graphics and polished gameplay makes it the best version of the game online.

Tags: Board games, Strategy

Mafia Billiard Tricks features a crapload of puzzles that will test your pool skills. Let a bunch of gangsters be your teachers and backstab’em right afterwards. They won’t take it personally, it’s just how things work.

Tags: Pool, Skills, Puzzle

Banana poker is a casual HTML5 poker game. Some of your rivals are flawed, others are hot-tempered. Learn to read their expressions and you’ll have chances to beat this surreal poker game.

Tags: Card games, Poker

Happy Kittens Puzzle is a simple but charming puzzle featuring cats. When you tap on a cat it changes its mood. You just have to make them all happy. Hint: Cats are so easily disturbed…

Tags: Puzzle, Kids games

BanAnaManIa is just a crazy hilarious game featuring a couple of hungry gorillas. You will need patience and good aiming skills to unlock all the game modes.

Tags: Score-based, Hypercasual, Skills, Tap Syncing

Junior Chess is a perfect point of entry into the world of Chess for the young ones. With a colorful setting, and nice characters it’s always easier to get into this old time classic.

Tags: Board games, Chess, Kids games

Pixel Artist is a drawing game that will provide players a relaxing session of guided illustration. Our gallery with dozens of illustrations will shape your kids as pro pixel artists. A dreadful career indeed!

Tags: Kids games, Illustration

Alien Kindergarten Puzzle is another puzzle with visual logic components that features lots of weird and yet cute moments. It was developed for kids who love monsters and messing around with green ooze.

Tags: Kids games, Puzzle

Chess Grandmaster is classic chess game with 2 game modes: quick match and checkmate puzzles. Both games offer adaptable challenges to match the skill of the player.

Tags: Board games, Chess, Puzzle

Refuge Solitaire was conceived as an atmospheric kind of solitaire game. A cabin near the lake at sunset, some logs at the fireplace, and lots of time to play around with cards with no pressure at all.

Tags: Solitaire, Card games

Algerian Solitaire is made for the most tenacious solitaire players. The game features two decks and it will take several tries to complete a play. Algerians are indeed relentless!

Tags: Solitaire, Card games

Classic Minesweeper is another must-have game for your classic portfolio. Now you can offer this ageless classic to your old-school players.

Tags: Board games, Strategy

Pocahontas Slots is a cute looking casino game celebrating the events of the story of Pocahontas and captain John Smith. Nothing to do with the actual story, but still a really cute slots.

Tags: Slots, Casino