Here’s a compilation of licensable HTML5 games that were designed for senior audiences: cards, pool, puzzles, chess… Get now your set of classic games.

Our ever-growing catalogue of licensable HTML5 games is filled with games for all audiences, but maybe you are looking for something more specific.

This entry will be a compilation of all our games that were designed for senior audiences. Among this classic genres you will find:

  • Card Games (solitaire)
  • Pool Games
  • Chess Games (and checkmate puzzles)
  • Turn-based games

These HTML5 games offer gaming experiences adapted to those people that enjoy chilling sessions of play. All of them are lightly branded so they can easily fit into any game catalogue.

Here’s a list of potential scenarios where these games could shine:

  • Games offered to passengers in a plane, train or bus using a captive network.
  • Apps installed by default on the mobile devices.
  • Games provided by phone companies’ network worldwide.

Let us know if you want to present any of these games to your customers or run performance tests. We can also take care of your SDK/API implementation and adjusting them to match your particular needs. Do you need to buy HTML5 games but are concerned about the necessity of going deeper in the customization? Just ask us for the open source license. We know how specific can be the use of our games so we are ready to offer flexible solutions.

Which other games would you like to see on our list? Mahjong? Match3? Get in contact with us and let us know about the games that would drive your users crazy.