Our current project

Those Medidor are some screen captures of cheap nfl jerseys the game currently under Angry developement at our workshop. Halloween We are looking forward to publishing it to test our theory about how sense of cheap nba jerseys humour can improve the performance of a game. Can funny elements make a game Público more appealing and played?
The type Perchè of game v?h?n we were asked to replicate was somehow a dull starting point. We wanted to enrich its gameplay without changing the original concept by adding funny elements and weird cheap mlb jerseys characters like a frog riding Construction on a toxic cloud.
We’ll keep you informed!

Angry Bee

This is our first serious wholesale NFL jerseys attempt on physics games. Basically, we wanted to create an aiming game because ブッシュ王朝の確立者ジョージ?H?W?ブッシュ that was a clear and feasible Concealment concept to start from. Once we got the “cannon” working, Pairs we realized how interesting the performance of hexagonal cells was. It could just have been a simple skill game, but with some wholesale MLB jerseys tweaks here and there, we came to a nice mixture of skill and puzzle wholesale nba jerseys game. Some of the levels are really tricky. I dare you to beat cheap Cleveland Browns jerseys them all!

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Curiosities: the main character of this game is actually a wasp, not a bee. Maybe someday there’ll be a prequel which tells us about wholesale nfl jerseys the whole story behind him. […] If there’s a “Bloons 17 Hanukkah Edition Director’s cut”, there should be room for the rest of us!
Curiosities 2: This is our first games that has a video review! (Only for german to speakers).