Tuesday, December 15, 2015

HTML5 game licensing

If you are looking for some quality content for your game portal, app or whatever other fabulous contraption you've designed... our studio can provide it!
At the moment we have four HTML5 games available for (non exclusive) licensing. Just drop us a line at info[at]ravalmatic.com and send us your API. We'll be able to load your ads and apply your branding in no time!

What are you looking for? Which is your target audience? We have games for everybody!

"It's a great mix of scary, cute and fun" - Jamie Lee, TreSensa
A visual logic puzzle available for younger audiences. Kids love to play around with those oozing alien eggs, solve the puzzle and see how the cute aliens emerge screaming.


POCAHONTAS SLOTS (casino, slots)
A delightful HTML5 slots machine (no real transactions) with a cheerful theme: Pocahonta's love story. Slot machines have never been this merry!

FOOTCHINKO (skills, physics)
Footchinko earned the title of Best HTML5 game of 2014 according to number of plays and player score. This smartly crafted game is a strong asset for every game portal. Players enjoy Footchinko for hours and hours across its more than 90 levels.

BANAnAMaNiA (skills, sync)
This is a no-brainer game everyone can enjoy. Feeding the gorillas with bananas, tossing bombs at them, watching them dressed as pop culture icons it's something you gotta see!! But it also hides a deep soul-changing message for a few chosen ones. Let the gorillas enlighten your audience!

Now you can also get the licenses for the whole pack of games and get a special discount. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will answer ASAP!

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Help phaser development

We've been using an html5 game engine called Phaser for over a year. It's open source and was created by a photon storm.

Our experiences with Phaser have been fantastic. We've tried several frameworks but found Phaser the best game engine to develop our games from the usability and performance points of view.

Now Richard Davey, the man behind Phaser, has started a campaign to collect money to be able to dedicate more time enhancing his incredible framework.

Please check this out:

>> Phaser on Patreon

Friday, June 19, 2015

RavalMatic defies the United States of America

RavalMatic has broken the embargo imposed to Russia by the USA and sold its most strategic game to Comon Games, a courageous Russian company.

The negotiations were conducted with maximum secrecy in Viena by one of our agents and high level officials of Comon Games. Once the deal was completed, we inserted an usb memory in a banana. That usb contained all the project files. The banana was part of a bananas cargo that left the harbour of Barcelona 3 weeks ago with direction to Istanbul. 

Nobody of the crew was aware that among the thousands of bananas they that transported there was such a dangerous game!

The third of June, two members of the Russian embassy in Istanbul got the banana, carefully extracted the usb key, ate the banana to destroy all evidence and flew to Moscow to deliver the app-files to top executives of Comon Games.

Friday, April 10, 2015

bananamania - breaking the rules


Our latest game is here. After the success of FootChinko any other studio would have done a sequel, but we decided to produce bananamania, surrealism in its pure state.

Hopefully players like it. We don't know if it's a good game, as players have to decide on that. But one thing is for sure: it's a game that goes round and round in circles.

Its peculiarities start at the preload scene, as it lacks of the typical preload bar or a number measuring the loaded percentage. Progress is just a collection of unconnected dots that grow to conform a big pixel banana.

It's original! We've taken the risk of not producing a match 3 or the clone of a successful mobile game, which is exactly what publishers love and finance.

Opposite to the html5 casual games currently published, it doesn't

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Using Trello in game development

As game development technology evolves, so do work methodologies. One of the up and coming ways of organizing work, used by an ever increasing number of studios, is scrum.

Scrum is an agile development method that allows for quick iteration and offers great adaptability to suit the needs of the project or any sudden setbacks. It mainly focuses on ...

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ура! Ура! Social Foot Chinko has been launched!

We are proud to announce that a social version of Foot Chinko has been released this week on Vk, the Russian equivalent of Facebook.

It's our first game with social features and we've developed it for a cool Russian company called ComonGames.

We've gathered valuable experiences with the server side of the game. Social Foot Chinko represents a technical quantum leap for us, considering that not very long ago, we were wasting our time with hopeless dress up games...

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Working on our first pixel art game

Right now we are involved on the production of an addictive mini game in pixel art.

Creating Foot Chinko took really long for our standards, almost 3 exhausting months. This time our goal is to develop a more agile game and why not? A bit crazier.

Hopefully we won't deceive our fans, this new title will contain high doses of humor and surrealism.